2017 Visual Artists

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Worcester, MA-based artist Kai Griffiths, continues to push the boundaries of his own mind by creating a unique form of art which encompasses Transcendentalism, Surrealism, Geometric Form, and Representationalism. Co-founder of Funky Stuff in Worcester, muralist, and art coordinator for Disc Jam and many other events, Kai spends his life dedicated to the arts.



Luke Babella aka Luke Sky Wallace is an acrylic/mixed media artist inspired by sci-fi landscapes, 3D shapes, and flowing natural motions. He adds layers using the different styles, from large brush strokes, to fluid painting, to spray paint creating complex paintings with great depth that appear to be from alternate realities or something out of this world


Aprile Rose is a Providence-based visual artist who plays on symmetry and design to create unique pieces across multiple mediums. Gathering influences from graffiti, nature and the local music scene, Aprile Rose creates works of art as diverse as her interests. Her signature style blends sacred geometry and psychedelic patterns to create pieces of art that are as cerebral as they are loud. Aprile first propelled into the Rhode Island art scene in 2010, making a name for herself layering custom-made stencils onto repurposed vinyl records. Her artistic expression has since spread across many mediums and she now works with laser-cut wood, human canvases, and wearable art.

Intuition is Art: Edgardo “Gardo” Sanchez, Jr. is professional artist hailing from the valleys of Western Massachusetts. Since receiving a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts at UMass Amherst, Gardo has founded his own screen-printing company, San-Man Graphics, and clothing line, Spinning Onion Designs. Intertwining his passion for art with his love for music through a series of screen-prints and digital concert posters for artists events including Conspirator, Blockhead, Emancipator, Little People, Auto Orbit, EOTO, Wobblesauce, Ott, Nadis Warriors, Papadosio, Orchard Lounge, Lespecial and festivals including The Big Up, Bella Terra, Camp Coldbrook and Disc Jam. Gardo’s work has been featured in a gallery show with the Springfield Pulse as well as a solo exhibition of his mural series “Chronology” at Electric Haze in Worcester, MA. and multiple shows with Raw artist in Boston MA. While Gardo concentrates on screen-printing, painting and graphic design, he enjoys experimenting with and creating in a variety of styles and mediums.


Born into a creative family, Colette Aimee was the daughter of an Actor and a Ballerina. Throughout her upbringing Colette Aimee had all kinds of art flowing in and out of her life in the small town of Kent, NY.  Musicians, Actors, Dancers, Poets, Painters, and Aristocrats were many of the influences that Colette took in to create the artist that she is today.  Colette Aimee found herself going on to art school at SUNY New Paltz in NY receiving her BFA in 2006.  In the Fall of 2013 Colette Aimee became Visual Artist of the Year for RAW Boston. She now shows all over the Country in Gallery shows and events as well as at various Music and Arts Festivals such as Germination (ME), Strange Creek(MA), Disc Jam(NY), FARMfest (NJ), Cosmic Alignment (NY), Great North (ME), Harvest Festival (NY), Hydrotechnics (NY), WormTown (MA), and many more.  She continues to surround herself with the same types of creative people which inspire her to paint the luminous colors of her Surrealistic world



Adam Bozek's inspiration comes from ancient artifacts and the natural world. He begins by pouring paint on a horizontal surface, and creates liquid landscapes both dark and bright. Secondary layers of drawing and painting bring out organisms and structures.

I use a combination of resin, UV paints, inks, and UV powders to create unique celestial starscapes and galactic imagery. I hope to get people interested in astronomy and astrophysics, and share my techniques with other like-minds.


My name is Liz Hogan :) I'm a local live painter based out of Connecticut who is in love with painting for various types of crowds! Every show I gain more patience, motivation and love from the preceptors around me. Being able to travel and paint with such vigorous & ebullient artists is such a gift and being able to learn from these artists is something I'm forever grateful for <3


Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, Katy McManus is a highly passionate Artist currently practicing Inn Saei. This practice helps her reflect her insights and interpretations of the world and space around us. She paints with the belief that these works of art will both inspire others and honor the subject matter of each creation.



Hiro’s art is characterized by his vibrant use of color and his dynamic fusion of surreal imagery, original lettering and abstract shapes. He is a muralist and graffiti artist who has created live art at a variety of music festivals, arts festivals and benefits. His influences include psychedelic culture, cartoons, nature, and of course music. Hiro's medium of choice is spray paint; his execution is expressive, fast and fluid. In addition to creating large-scale murals Hiro is a professional Graphic Designer and Chalk Artist currently employed by Whole Foods Market. In his free time he creates custom canvases and designs show bills for The Schooley Mountain Band and Peoples Blues of Richmond.


Hudson Valley Visionary artist. Sculptor/Painter that works with a variety of materials ranging from metal to found wood. Her work depicts both the negative and positive connects between humans and the earth.


Mekowhy Kawon is a visual artist from New Britain, Connecticut. He uses aspects from ancient cultures, metaphsyics, & liminal states in hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation of self and the world around.


Andy Reed (Infinite Geometry) is an artist whose visual alchemy captures a magical journey into inter-dimensions — filled with prismatic colors, geometrical shapes, and a reminiscent ancient-futuristic feeling, amongst organic and terrestrial conceptions. His work foreshadows the energy of a another realm, making you feel as though you are peering into another galaxy and understanding that there is a possibility for life outside that of which we are familiar. Andy is completely self taught, with most of his inspiration coming from a near-death experience in 2006, as well as the astral realms/space, nature, intelligent electronic music, dreams, deep conversations, and ancient cultures. He currently is based out of the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC and paints in a live setting throughout the country at music festivals and other events.


Nicholas Heilig is an ever- evolving, hyper-traveling performance painter, creating life size illustrations that are launched and completed before the eyes of the audience. He carries the crowd through a set, synthesizing the sounds of the music into shapes that mark the fleeting moment of experience. Each performance yields to both Surrender and Control, revealing an intimate dance of planned line work with free flowing drips and spontaneous splashes. His style pays homage the genius of nature’s gentle design while also echoing the electric, concrete jungle graphic style of urban artists.


Self taught painter and wire-wrapper from southern NH. Heavily influenced by media, music, and other artists. Animal- loving, earth bound pisces that hopes to one day learn to fly. Enjoys long meaningful walks on the lot.


A.L. Grime (Ally Grimm) is a self-taught traveling live artist and graphic designer based out of Washington, DC. She seeks to bridge the gap between visual and sonic arts by using a variety of mediums including acrylics, spray paints, wax, and gels to create a range of textures and patterns that reflect the rhythm and flow of live music. She feels that art helps her connect with the sound by allowing her to visualize it and then mold it onto a canvas. She uses wax and raw canvas to create textures that resemble sound waves. Ally is fascinated by the human experience, and the terrifying way in which people connect with emotion. She seeks to find the ugly truth in every beautiful thing around her and to capture every emotion you've ever felt, but couldn't quite give a name.

A.L.Grime is a project inspired by the secrets we hold in the deepest corners of our souls. But don't stare too long, or they just might come out!



Cav K is a visual artist that specializes in a  postgraffism style, implementing exaggerated colors to excite and captivate viewers into his dream like works. His style is strongly influenced by both the ocean and the graffiti he admired growing up in Miami, Florida. Since turning 18 he has lived in between Florida, Colorado, and California doing a variety of work along the spectrum that is the art world. From urban murals and music festival installations, to gallery work and live painting performances, Cavan is infatuated with bringing to life visions of positive potential and growth to affect the masses.


From the depths of hip-hop's womb, Ink was born. She uses mixed media to create her psychedelic art while allowing graffiti to show prominently within her work. Whether it be a portrait or fan art she brings the feel of raw hip-hop to life. “Being a graff artists is not only about a throw up or who gets their name seen the most, it is also about helping the world see what is not supposed to be talked about or simply making anything your canvas. When people see my art I don't want them to just see art, I want them to see a glimpse of my soul and the souls around them.” When you look at her art she does just that. She brings a twist of political and environmental topics hidden within her work, forcing the viewers “read between the lines”.