The Disc Jam Flow Tribe is a collection of artists specializing in live daytime, LED, and fire performances. We have some special things planned and are absolutely psyched for this year! Our goal as supplemental performers is to add a visual aspect to the show. We have 24 performers consisting of flow artists, freestyle dancers, acro yogis, fire dancers, and more!

Disc Jam Flow Tribe Facebook Page

Full Name: Brittany Beckett

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Brittany is a multi-prop performance artist with 5 years of performer experience. Specializing in LED hoop, fans, belly dance, and sword balancing, Brittany combines her love of all dance forms to create a fusion of movement art inspired by hip hop, ballet, tribal, and cirque.

Location: NJ/NYC area


Full Name: Michaela Benevides

Nickname: Flow Pixie

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Michaela "Flow Pixie" is a flow artist from Rhode Island. She started learning the art of the flow wand in April 2013 and hooping in April 2014. She was trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, pointe and hip hop dancing from age 3-20. Her love of dance is what sparked her interest in the flow arts and performing. Flow Pixie enjoys combining her dance technique with the technical side of tnohe flow arts. Flow Pixie has performed for acts such as Kung Fu, Dopapod, Magnetic band, EOTO, Electron, Viral Sound, Twiddle, Resin Ed and Particle. She also likes to teach beginner flow wand workshops.

In her spare time she takes dance classes, yoga classes, and plans on mastering as many flow props as possible!

Location: Providence, RI


Full Name: Janice Blake

Nickname: Jae Bee

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Jae has been hooping for a little over 6 years. She's been known to spin up some magic, specializing in single and double hoop LED performance. She has been performing with fire hoops and fans for the past 3 years. Her flow is dynamic and sensual, keeping audience members captivated.

Location: Framingham, MA


Full Name: Andrew DiMicelli and Lee Kraut

Performer Description: Andrew Dimicelli and Lee Kraut are a multitalented duo who specialize in partner acrobatics. While Lee attended college in Westchester, and Andrew in Montreal they joined their respective campus circus club. During that time is when they found their love for AcroYoga. Andrew and Lee recently joined forces after meeting at the rock climbing gym where they both work. Since then they have been sharing their skills through intimate performances and beginner workshops within their community!

Location: Westchester, NY


Full Name: Courtney Rose Drahms

Facebook Name: Courtney Rose

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: I am an energetic and spunky hooper (as well as other props) who was born and raised in New Hampshire. I originally began hooping to just pass time but began to really enjoy how relaxing it was. Hooping and flow arts soon became a serious love and hobby of mine. My first gig was for a New Years Eve party in Portsmouth NH. After that I became determined in bettering my skills, flow and everything involved with flow arts including learning fans, wand, silk fans and teaching myself performance makeup.

It is through this amazing flow arts community and friendships I have made along this journey that have inspired me to perform various events and further my skills.

Location: Portsmouth NH



Full Name: Jessica Ferraro

Nickname: Jess

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Jess of Pengwar Performance is a Vegas to Boston transplant multi-talented artist/performer that enjoys performing with LED hoops, Fire dance and an assortment of other props. With her background in creation, performance, costume design, makeup artistry and dance, she is always ready and excited to perform. Enticing the crowd with her unique and personal style and flow to create a lasting and amazing experience for your visual pleasure.  You can catch her tuned in to one of many different characters, ready to entertain.

Location: Boston, MA


Full Name: Emily Gandolfo

Nickname: Mystic Flow Fairy

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Emily is a Hoop Performer and Instructor based in New York. She has been performing for 4 years and Hula hooping for 7! She trained in many styles of dance and also works with silk fans. Outside of her hoop she loves expressing her creativity through face paint.

Location: New York City, NY


Full Name: Kaila Kitsune

Nickname: Kitsune

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: One of the coordinators of the Disc Jam Flow Tribe originally based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Kitsune has been captivating audiences with her unique and theatrical performances at events all over the world. Discovering her self-expression through movement since childhood she uses a wide diversity in performance mediums. Her innate connection to raw movement and presence shines in her live performances. Overtime, her international presence has influenced her style helping her learn to use the vessel she was given for the music to be transmuted through. Specializing in choreographed & interpretive fire performance, ceremonial dance, tribal/fusion belly dance, contortion, L.E.D’s, multi-prop manipulation, gogo, acrobatics, character and costume design.

Location: Boston, MA


Full Name: Molly Mac

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description:Location: Molly Mac discovered movement arts including hooping in early 2011 and has since watched it change her life. Performing and teaching has taker her all over the U.S. She is a proud original member of the Disc Jam Flow Tribe


Full Name: Ketelyn Mast

Performer Description: Growing up, Katelyn was always dancing and singing for anyone she could. Focusing mainly on using her body, singing voice and free flow motion as her props, she realized that other props were too fun not to embellish into her performances. Hula Hooping was her first choice about 3 years ago and the journey of self discovery started. Two years ago she was blessed with the opportunity to perform alongside beautiful talented individuals in DJFT and bands like Twiddle, Dopapod, and The Alchemystics. Go go Dance, Fire fans, hoops, palm torches and a little messing around with staff, she can't wait to continue to inspire others and inspire herself to always shine and chase your passions. See you this year!

Location: Manchester, NH


Full Name: Ashley May

Nickname: Ash

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Miss Ashley May, one of the coordinators of the Disc Jam Flow Tribe, is a devoted hooper/ multi-prop performer originally from New Jersey. When she moved to New Hampshire for college in 2012, she picked up hula-hooping as a side hobby. As she became more passionate about this beautiful form of dance, she continued to push herself to learn new skills and improve her unique flow.

In 2013, Ashley had her first performance at Royale Nightclub in Boston, MA where she then accepted a job offering. Her passion for flow arts kept her dancing, so she continued to perform and improve her skills with different props.

Since the start of her hooping career in 2013, Ashley took on performances of various themes and now specialized in fire/ choreographed dance. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence create a stunning performance that will impress any crowd!

Location: Newmarket, NH


Full Name: Erin McNulty

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Erin has been hooping for five years now, and performing for three. Her flow has expanded now including the flow wand, dancing swords, buugeng, and gogo dancing. She has performed along side many famous acts such as Electron, Twiddle, and Dopapod. Her hobbies also include botany, and she is a full time student majoring in Biology.

Location: Great Barrington, MA


Full Name: Nicolas Minton

Nickname: Minty Fresh

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Nick Minton of Minty Fresh Hoops started his flow journey in Orlando, FL about 5 years ago. He has been teaching and performing flow arts in cities and festivals all over the country for the past 2 years in an attempt to teach in all 50 states, with 33 states completed and intentions to finish the other 17 states in the next 2 years. Nick has worked with fire, LED, and character performances at festivals such as: Hulaween, Okeechobee, Sonic Bloom, Imagine, Aura, Infrasound, F.A.R.M. Fest, Wild Woods, Nights of Fire, Groove Cruise, and even as far as Alaska for Salmonfest, Spectrum, and Trapper's Creek, plus many more! He is a master of the hoop, and well versed in juggling, poi, contact staff, double staves, rope dart, and slackline. For long term goals, Nick plans to create a nationally traveling circus collective. It will essentially be a platform for which others can be enabled and empowered to travel to teach and perform without as much of the hard leg work, as resources and connections are pooled together within the community to ultimately share and create more opportunity for everyone, regardless of which tangent of the circus world people decide to explore!

Location: Orlando, FL


Full Name: Amanda Patrick

Nickname: Amanda Morgan    

Facebook Name: Amanda Morgan Flow Arts

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Amanda Morgan is a 21-year-old hoop dancer/multi-prop performer currently based out of Springfield, Missouri. She has been flowing for 3 years, and what used to be just her meditative hobby, has transformed into a fire-y passion. She likes to think of her hoop dancing as a way to express music in another form of collaborative, sacred art. Her style encompasses different speeds and tricks along with the movement and dance of her whole body to allow her whimsical flow to mesmerize her audience.

Location: Springfield, MO


Full Name: Margaret Pearce

Nickname: Maggie

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Maggie Pearce is a 21-year-old flow artist living in Wisconsin. Her performance brings a unique dance infused flow with fire and led prop manipulation. Maggie has been captivating stages since a very young age as a trained dancer and has found freedom of expression through movement. She uses a wide range of props including fire and led hoops, fire fans, fire poi, palm torches, and fire eating torches. Maggie has been recognized for her influence in the local community by performing regularly at area arts events. You can find her on countless stages at festivals throughout the US as well as many music venues throughout all of Wisconsin.

Location: Appleton, WI


Full Name: Samantha Pescarino

Nickname: Sam, Sammy Coonz, Coonz

Facebook Name: Samantha Michelle

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Sammy is a multi-prop manipulater based out of Providence, Rhode Island who was trained in several forms of dance for over 16 years. She first picked up a hoop 3 years ago and has since moved onto other flow art forms such as poi, fans & helio staff. She's performed with us for one of our NYE events & our Halloween party as well!

Location: Providence, RI


Name: Alicia Russell

Nickname: "Permadizzy"

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Alicia "Permadizzy" Russell is a multi-prop performer from Worcester Massachusetts. Finding a love for all things flow while living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, she, along with many other wonderful souls helped create the wonderful flow community that exists there today.  Being a dancer her entire life her love of performing, and unique style shines bright for any audience big or small. Alicia has been performing for five years all over the southeast and is excited to bring her talents back home to the northeast!

Location: Worcester, MA


Full Name: Summer Alexandra Sebring

Nickname: Sommer Aleksandria

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Sommer is a dancer and performer from Michigan. She has been dancing for 20 years and performing for over 10. In addition she has been acting for 6, appearing in multiple plays and musicals. Sommer specalizes in hoops, fans, poi, staff and the levi wand for flow arts and has just begun learning the contact ball. In her free time she enjoys painting, drawing, nature, her cats and being with her friends.

Location: Michigan


Full Name: Devin Michael Sewall

Nickname: The Grim Hooper

Professional Performance Facebook page

Performer Description: Devin Michael is a self taught performance artist residing in Portland, Maine. He travels to various music festivals, such as the renowned Suwannee Hulaween and many more events to perform with LED hula hoops, fire dancing, and character play.

Specializing in hula hooping, he can use single hoops, double, triples, and multi-hooping with up to 4 hoops. He is also skilled at using fire double staff, fire fans, and levitation wand.

His lightning fast movements and energetic dance inspires movement all around him. He draws you in and creates an awe-inspiring show that will leave people with something to talk about. The audience will have a stellar experience when watching Devin perform!

Website: https://thegrimhooper.com/

Location: Portland, ME


Name: Travis Smith

Performer Description: Travis has been spinning various props for 6 years and performing with disc jam for 4years! Focus props being poi and hoop but enjoy rope dart staff and acro as well.

Location: Lebanon, ME


Full Name: Emmanuel Varveris

Nickname: Manny

Performer Description: Emmanuel is a free flow dancer from Long Island New York! Although his speciality of dance does not involve any flow props, he argues that his body is his prop. His captivating dance style holds no specific label, but influences can be seen from his inspirations such as Nonstop, Bluprint, and Iglide, and many other dancers from the DRAGON HOUSE crew. He has been dancing everyday for the past 3 years but it wasnt until recently that he decided to put himself out into the performer world so this will be his first time actually performing on stage! Emmanuel strongly believes his self expression of dance is his gift to offer the universe, and sees himself traveling, inspiring others thru his passion of dance to find their own authentic form of self expression and love to color the world with. Life is just a dance!

Location: Glen Head, NY


Full Name: Jerome Francis Weingart Junior

Nickname: Jerry Bones

Performance Description: Jerry Bones of the Disc Jam Flow Tribe Picked up his first flow prop a hula hoop in 2012. Residing in the new jersey pine barrens he teaches yoga, hula hooping workshops, and a combination of the two in a Hoop power Vinyasa class at Hot or Not Yoga in Manahawkin, New jersey. Spiraling with super positive energized vibes and ninja like moves outwards he performs for charity events and Kirtans locally and out of town. Hired Performer and teacher for parties, weddings, and music festivals. Traveling the coast from Maine to Florida spinning a variation of a different variety of day, L.E.D. and fire props.

Well versed and most fluid with a hula hoop, Jerry also likes to engage in other forms of entertainment through motion. He also wields : Meteor Hammer, Nunchucks, Staff, Sword,Fans, Poi and spins in a cyr wheel. A skilled performer with a cosmic display putting his emotion into motion and fantastic well mannered teacher that will see you succeed in good spirits.

Location: Manahawkin, NJ


Full Name: Zachary Zukas

Nickname: Xaq

Performer Description: Xaq learned to juggle in his backyard when he was eight years old. That year, he attended a circus arts summer camp in Middletown, CT where he improved his skills and was introduced to unicycling, diabolo, devil sticks and many other tricks of the trade. He knew immediately he was in love, and by the time he was 12, was already playing with fire and knives. He went on to become a juggling instructor and has performed with several circus and sideshow troupes throughout New England. 20 years later, he still can't seem to stop throwing things around.

Location: Middletown, CT