Wildest Sex Festivals Around The World

Whenever we go to a festival we usually take off our complexes. We open ourselves to the adventure and the new experience that this unknown place will bring us, at the same time that you get carried away by the desire to know new cultures, customs and why not also Read More

Top Dance Music Festivals in Europe

Given Europe’s historic predilection for dance music, it is perhaps no surprise that this genre has spawned a number of electronic music festivals across the continent. While the legendary Tomorrowland is king when it comes to lineups, many of the other European events of this type are no exception. Whether Read More

Burning Man 2021, still with uncertain dates

Still a lot of uncertainty around whether Burning Man 2021 will occur or not, but at least a final date for making the decision was settled: mark you calendar for April 23, or at the latest April 30. That’s when the organizers will decide what will happen in 2021 regarding Read More

Coachella – One of the best Music Festivals

There is a festival where selfie sticks are forbidden, the transportation from the parking lot to the festival costs 56 euros and the VIP bungalows are at 6500 euros. There are flowers on the head and golden paintings on the face, vegan and gluten-free meals for whoever wants; at every Read More

Festivals to try at least once in your lifetime

We highlight five songs festivals around the world, where you can live truly superior experiences that stay forever.   BURNING MAN It is most certainly one of the most different music festival worldwide, and also the one that contends directly with Coachella in variety of eccentric magazines in Instagram accounts. Read More