Festivals to try at least once in your lifetime

We highlight five songs festivals around the world, where you can live truly superior experiences that stay forever.



It is most certainly one of the most different music festival worldwide, and also the one that contends directly with Coachella in variety of eccentric magazines in Instagram accounts. It takes place yearly in the Nevada desert, in the United States, in a city purposely built for the event, Black Rock City.

Burning Man has a big camping website, where a number of one of the most eccentric appearances are taken at the celebration. Right here, the concept is practically to review fashion experimentalism, a little bit of a “anything goes”, the more eccentric the far better. The truth is that individuals do not just go with the music (many don’t go at all for the music), but for the experience they can live there, as well as for the reality that it’s a really unique and also challenging to access festival.

As well as perhaps one of the most enjoyable experience is also to see the participants in their psychedelic garments, too small, virtually covered up. At Burning Man there is a genuine phenomenon of fantasy and also creative symptom of each participant’s originality. One of the most intriguing point is that in this celebration, there is no bar or shop with food. Every little thing is done by exchanges, or gifts that people provide each other, which calls for a whole food planning for the seven days of stay at the event. The ticket costs approximately $400 (near $320), as well as that goes, claims it is among the most effective experiences of life.

The name Burning Man has an explanation: it’s that when the festival finishes, all the frameworks are burned. Beyond lots of social symptoms, Burning Man is a type of Mecca of electronic songs, with a lot of the most effective DJs worldwide existing.




Situated in one of the most lovely locations worldwide, the Capadox, as the name implies, remains in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

The celebration was created in 2015, and takes place in the middle of the rocks of a valley, and the whole idea of the festival is tailored in the direction of the community. Some stages, as an example, are powered by solar energy.

The programme for every year is considerable, as well as not restricted to simply one site. It varies between Cappadocia Valleys, historical sites, farms, cultural facilities, and also manors. In addition to alternative songs, there are occasions, workshops, as well as samplings.

Among the custom-mades is the daily picnic that the individuals do, that includes exterior barbecue, and also it is almost difficult to obtain burnt out, due to the fact that there are lots of points to do, such as assisted bike rides through the valleys, reflection, yoga or cooking courses. The incredible sunrise in the middle of the mountains is often one of the highest moments …


It takes place every year in mid-July, in an exotic place. When the celebration began, it occurred at the entryway of Mount Fuji in Japan. Today, it happens at Naeba Ski Resort, a ski hotel situated a few hours from Tokyo, if by TGV. The event mostly includes rock bands, yet this is the least pertinent when contrasted to all the environments, which is what this experience deserves. The ski resort is in the center of the woodland, as well as the stages are in the center of the trees, instead of thick forestation, full of trees. Often it is essential to go travelling along tracks to reach some shows. Among the stages, as an example, is at the top of the hill and also the only way to get there is by cable car. This is mostly why Fuji Rock is among one of the most exclusive and initial celebrations on the planet.


This event travels with numerous nations all over the world. It goes through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA and Paris. The bands are mainly alternate songs, yet there is also rock, grunge, heavy metal and pop or hip jump. There have actually been bands and artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Amy Winehouse or Pearl Jam.

One of the most intriguing feature of this significant event is that, besides all the mega-structure set up to receive hundreds of people, it has several extra activities and activations with creative brand names. In almost every year, there is the traditional Ferris wheel for individuals to view the event from above, and also in 2015, in Brazil, the celebration got a roller coaster in the middle of the festival to entertain the audience. The degrees of authorization were really high. There are likewise tasks such as slackline that lead people to venture concerning 8 meters in the air.

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