Wildest Sex Festivals Around The World

Whenever we go to a festival we usually take off our complexes. We open ourselves to the adventure and the new experience that this unknown place will bring us, at the same time that you get carried away by the desire to know new cultures, customs and why not also enjoy some porno gratis!

If you are of those interested in this last hypothesis, it is not a bad idea to give a spicy point to your escapades in one of the following sex festivals where porn stars dressed in leather and hundreds of women performing erotic dances in front of your face abound.

Sex festivals seek to mix joy, love, free porn and pleasure in one place where we can all attend to celebrate, that’s why today we bring you the wildest sex festivals in the world!

Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco

Are you one of those who really like leather?

Then you have to include the Folsom Street Fair in your list of sex festivals, as it is the largest and free leather event in the world. This event takes place every year in the height of September, paying homage to and enjoying BDSM porn.

It’s usually about 13 city blocks filled with live music, free porn, nudity, music and of course lots and lots of leather! All participants can be bound, gagged and whipped without paying a single penny.

Without a doubt it is a festival that anyone interested in BDSM should attend at least once in their life, there are public play stations where you can try an endless number of sexual activities for free.

Folsom Street Fair - San Francisco

Tips for maximum enjoyment

  • Bring plenty of water, condoms and sunscreen. You will spend the whole day under the hot San Francisco sun, so make sure you are prepared for all the conditions of the event (if you know what we’re talking about…).
  • Be sure to go in with an open mind and leave the kids at home. This festival is going to get out of control and you will no doubt end up enjoying free porn.
  • Don’t plan anything else for the day. You will have more fun than you can imagine and the time will fly by, no doubt you won’t want to leave the energy of the place.

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival – Finland

This is undoubtedly the most intellectual and educational of all the sex festivals presented in this list. It is attended by hundreds of professionals and experts in the area of sex, fetishes and human behavior to give great talks on aspects of sexuality and a whole host of racks display the latest innovations in sexual items.

But don’t be fooled, the festival gets pretty hot when night falls. That’s when the striptease shows, exotic dancers, the big free porn stars and the famous Aphrodite competition begin to make their presence felt!

How to go prepared?

  • Well… the first thing to remember is where you are in the world, Finland can be one of the coldest places in the world no matter what month of the year you visit, so dress warmly!
  • The guys and gals at the end of the day are usually very attractive, so don’t forget to pack enough condoms in your suitcase as you may need a few to finish the day properly.
  • Bring enough money, both the drinks (hot and cold) and the sex toys sold there are not cheap at all.

Love Parade – Germany

This is considered one of the biggest techno music events in the world, but without a doubt it is also one of the wildest sex festivals in the world.

This festival takes place in July and you can enjoy the presence and music of the best DJ’s and porn artists in the world. By the time the music stops, the atmosphere will be so hot that everything is allowed and that’s when you will be able to enjoy great sexual adventures.

You will be able to watch or be part of various sexual encounters that take place in the place, if you are lucky you might even end up fucking a great porn actress and appear on one of these famous free porn sites.

Love Parade - Germany

Get ready for a sexual explosion

  • You should be prepared as you would for an electronic music concert, however, don’t forget to pack a couple of condoms and leave your children or partner at home.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, this is an event with millions of attendees and the atmosphere can be very humid (in every sense), so it is best to go with something comfortable that does not prevent you from enjoying the best.
  • Don’t try to get in contact with the porn actors if they don’t come to you, this tends to irritate them quite a lot and they may even get the security of the place on you and end up taking you out of the event!

Pon Festival – Indonesia

Even the name of this festival is quite suggestive, it only lacks the letter R to leave nothing to the imagination. This is an event in which participants climb to the summit of Gunung Kemuks (a mountaintop shrine).

Once at the top of the hill, participants engage in sexual rituals with a random stranger for good luck and fortune in the coming months. This is an event for all tastes and the top can be a pretty wild place when it comes to sex.

What should I bring?

  • The towel is mandatory, because at the top of the mountain you will have to wash in a sacred spring where the water is really cold.
  • If you do not want to be one more victim of the sexual diseases that abound in Indonesia, it would be good to carry a lot of condoms, remember that at nightfall the sexual debauchery begins.
  • If you have a partner, the ideal is to make all the points clear and be sure of what you are doing before you go up. Remember that when you come down, both of you will have fucked a stranger at the top of the mountain.

Now that you know some of the wildest and most daring sex festivals on the planet, you can get ready to embark on a trip to one of them where you will undoubtedly have a unique experience, lots of free porn and wild sex guaranteed!

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